Salon Services: Holistic Care and Blow-Dry Services with Oil Ultime

To help clients escape their hectic daily routines Schwarzkopf Professional's premium care brand, Oil Ultime, has established a luxurious range of indulging and individual in-salon services based on aromatherapy.

The in-salon Harmony Ceremony is a sensorial journey that combines the Oil Ultime Essential Oils (Energizing or Relaxing) with an exfoliating scalp massage to balance the mind and prepare the scalp and hair to be beautified. Depending on time and hair needs salon clients can choose between the classic Harmony Ceremony (45mins), an Intense Beautifying Ceremony (30mins) or an Express Beautifying Ceremony (15mins).


Together with Oil Ultime Ambassador Kazue Gill, Schwarzkopf Professional have also created specific head and hand massages to include as part of the in-salon service. Watch the Harmony Ceremony in action:



In addition, Schwarzkopf Professional salons can now further leverage blow-dry services. These are based on the simple concept of focusing on one thing and being the best at it: blow dry and look creation. This emerging trend, originating from the United States, has reached the rest of the world as the demand for blow-dry bars and specific styling services continues to grow.

Oil Ultime is a hairdresser’s perfect partner for blow-dry services and look creation in the salon; equipping salons with the perfect products and techniques to craft different styles that express the individuality of clients, in a short amount of time. The latest Oil Ultime looks and blow-dry services have been co-created with French hairdresser and creative artist, Sarah Guimond (@sarahguimond1).

Fast blow-dry technique:

Start to blow-dry the root area with the blow dryer and the big paddle brush. Once the root area is dry continue to blow-dry mid-lengths and ends.


Step 1
  • Step 1
    Start blow-drying on one side and work your way around the head wrapping the hair around the head to create volume


Step 2
  • Step 2
    Then start at the crown down to the nape moving the hair up to create root lift. Finish at the front of the hairline. This takes around 5 mins


Step 3
  • Step 3
    Start at the nape and continue to blow-dry the mid-lengths and ends. This should take another 5 mins

Salon clients can choose from a range of premium finishes thanks to a blow-dry with more shine, definition and care using Oil Ultime:

Straight look:


Straight look
  • Luxuriously smooth and straight lengths with irresistible softness and a mirror-like glossy finish

Wavy Look:


Wavy Look
  • Soft, tumbling waves with a silky feel and high-shine finish as if lit from within

Voluminous Look:


Voluminous Look
  • A volumising experience that creates a beautiful, deep radiance through weightless care

Oil Ultime Product Tip:

  • On damp hair, use a few drops of your selected Oil Ultime Finishing Oil as a styling aid before blow-drying. Followed with the styling product of choice
  • On dry hair, use Oil Ultime for long-lasting, lightweight care whilst also helping to eliminate frizz. Oil Ultime Finishing Oils also provide manageability, shine and a soft-to-touch finish to hair, whilst protecting from mechanical and environmental stresses

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