TrendLab: Blonde Like Summer! Quick Foil Highlights with Jessica Scott

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Summer is on its way, and of course beachy blonde hair is as popular as ever so if your clients are looking for a cool colour pop, then IGORA Vario Blond has you covered. Offering up to 8 levels of lift, with maximum neutralisation, as well as integrated Fibre Bond Technology for significantly reduced breakage, IGORA Vario Blond creates the prefect canvas for an IGORA VIBRANCE gloss and tone service.



TrendLab: Blonde Like Summer! Quick Foil Highlights with Jessica Scott

In this #hairhacks episode, our TrendLab team have teamed up with US Ambassador Jessica Scott (@jessicascotthair) to walk through an always-on-trend summer highlight service, using IGORA Vario Blond, IGORA VIBRANCE and just 10 foils!





Colours used:

  • Colour 1: IGORA Vario Blond Plus with 6% | 20 VOL. IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer (1:2)
  • Colour 2: IGORA VIBRANCE 6-12 + 5-4 with 1.9% / 6 Vol. Activator Lotion (1:1)
  • Colour 3: IGORA VIBRANCE 9.5-1 + 0-00 with 1.9% / 6 Vol. Activator Lotion (1:3)


Step 1
  • Step 1: Take fine slices around the hairline (as detailed) and apply Colour 1 in foils to create a face-framing effect. Process for 20-45 mins keeping visual reference. Remove and rinse the hair


Step 2
  • Step 2: Apply Colour 2 to roots to create a lived-in look with seamless regrowth


Step 3
  • Step 3: Then move on to apply Colour 3 throughout mid-lengths and ends, including areas around the front hairline which were not previously lightened. Process for 10-20 mins, keeping visual reference


Step 4

Where Can I Learn More?

We all know that blonde is the trend that keeps on giving, making it an important part of any salon service menu! Keep up-to-date with the latest blonde tips and tricks, as well as essential product knowledge that’ll help you master any lightening service. Discover expert education on our IGORA VIBRANCE and IGORA Vario Blond product ranges over on – register now for FREE!