TrendLab: Business Tips for Blonde Services with Jack Howard

This episode of #hairhacks sees host William Feroldi – who is a hairdresser with an exciting background in trend forecasting, film production and content creation – talk all things blonde with Schwarzkopf Professional partner, Jack Howard (@jackhowardcolor).





William Feroldi: Hello everybody and welcome again to #hairhacks! Today we have with us BLONDME Global Ambassador, Jack Howard – hello Jack!


Jack Howard: Hello William, how are you? It's good to be here, thank you.


William Feroldi: Nice to have you here. Today Jack will share some exciting business tips with us for BLONDME. Jack, you've been part of the #BLONDESOFTHEWORLD campaign, please tell us a little bit about it.


Jack Howard: It's the most amazing campaign, launched in January, and it's really about how there can be a blonde for every hair colour, rather than just the focus being on a platinum blonde and a 'super blonde'. It was great to be a part of it and it's super, super commercial and really essential to great blonde business in salons.



TrendLab: Business Tips for Blonde Services with Jack Howard


William Feroldi: You said it was essential to salons, how do you manage – with help from the #BLONDESOFTHEWORLD campaign – to attract new blonde clients and really make your salon stand out as the blonde expert salon?


Jack Howard: It's a two-pronged attack really...I think first of all the conversation about blondes has, for so long, been about platinum blondes and the #BLONDESOFTHEWORLD campaign was saying that, well yeah that's an important part of it but also a level 7 is a dark blonde and that's an important piece that we're not always focusing on. So it was about opening up the conversation of blonde to everyone.


In this campaign we had level 3s that we took to level 7s or level 8s. We also took a level 3, really to a platinum blonde as well, but it's about showing the different types of blonde – and we then are allowed to have a conversation with our clients that come in talking about wanting to be blonde, about what's their commitment – their financial and also their time commitment. They're both really important because if you can't afford to maintain it, timewise, then it doesn't look great, and if you can't afford to maintain it financially you can only have it once.


William Feroldi: You just mentioned maintenance there, so why is it important to recommend the right maintenance path to our client?


Jack Howard: For me, it's important that the client looks good at home as well as just leaving the salon. That's super important. So for me, the recommendation with BLONDME care is an integral part of my blonding service within the salon. Whether that's for a darker base that's got a few a few highlights – a pop – or whether it's for my 'super blondes', they're all really important and they've all got to be maintained and looked after.


William Feroldi: Earlier you mentioned about the campaign that there are nine looks, it's all over Instagram, it's all over Refinery29 as well – on that note, I really would like to congratulate you because you have reached 100K followers recently!


TrendLab: Business Tips for Blonde Services with Jack Howard

Jack Howard: Thank you very much! Yeah, it’s a lot of work you know – but it's been fun!


William Feroldi: Well done! In that case, since you are the guru and you know so much about Instagram and how to really manage it, what is the secret? How can you boost your Instagram account nowadays?


Jack Howard: I think that people get confused with numbers and get worried that they haven't got enough followers; now as a Global Ambassador, it was important for me to have a large following internationally…What we should be focused on is that we are talking to the people in our area, so if you're in a regional salon, a Berlin salon or a London salon, you're talking to people in that area. Engage with them, engage with your audience – which means you have to answer the questions they give you and you have to put out content that people are interested in.


William Feroldi: So really, it's about listening to the crowd, in a way?


Jack Howard: Yes. I mean, I spent a lot of time studying accounts that I deemed successful, and I listened to people that knew about these things and talked to them...all of that stuff...and really it is about setting you path and staying on it. For me that's been blondes and occasionally I change things around but, you know, if you've got a page all about cats why do you suddenly put a dog on it? I always tell people that. Stick to the path!


William Feroldi: Guys, you've heard it from Jack – he's our BLONDME guru – thank you so much Jack for being here with us!


Jack Howard: Thank you so much for having me, as always guys! Thank you.


William Feroldi: We'll catch you again soon and see you again next time guys!


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